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Glacier Helicopter Tours and Landings

Imagine standing on a massive chunk of ice in the remote wilderness surrounding Skagway, Alaska. The minute you get on board one of our Skagway, Alaska helicopter glacier tours, you can feel the excitement.  You will see some of the frontier's most remote landscapes and have the opportunity to land on top of a glacier to tour its amazing features.  Learn about the natural forces that shaped these remnants of the planet's last ice age. 

Glacier Discovery by Helicopter

Leave all traces of civilization behind and experience the infinite beauty of Alaska's remote glaciers.  Lift off from the historic Skagway waterfront and head into a rugged region of sheer mountains, majestic valleys and massive glaciers.  Jagged peaks towering over the Chilkat Glacier, cascading waterfalls, surrounding the Ferebee Glacier, or the spectacular "river of ice" known as the Meade Glacier, may be among the wonders you encounter.  Flight routes and landing zones are selected daily to ensure that you receive the best that the area has to offer.

One you have reached your destination, you will be given the opportunity to explore one of Mother Nature's greatest marvels.  Enjoy the walking tour of a lifetime as our experienced glacier guides answer all of your questions and work to explain the awesome forces at work.

Tour includes approximately 40 minutes of flight time and 40 minutes on the glacier.  Times may vary due to weather and glacier conditions.

All of our Alaska glacier tours and glacier sightseeing tours offer visitors the thrill of a lifetime.  Bring your camera.  Skagway is arguably the finest destination for riding a helicopter to a glacier in Alaska.  Allow 1 additional hour for transportation, safety briefing and boot outfitting.

Price $309.00
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